When you have your third eye open, the universe will open, too.  Suddenly you will see that the grand scale that is without you, is also contained within you.  

This is because there is a small opening in your major mind.  The major mind is contained in your head.  

The small opening allows you to escape into the wondrous arena that is the mind your head is contained within.


The ancients learned this secret because they could see the universe outside of their bodies and identified how to attribute their visions to what they saw with their own eyes.  This is the way that the birth of all religions began.  In this very sacred place, the world you inhabit is as imaginary as the world that is imagined.

You need only take the tiniest of steps to make your third eye the road on which you travel.  But this kind of travel is not a figment of imagination.  It is an imagined road into which your soul can learn to incorporate the ways of its own nature.

The way to imagine this is to put yourself outside of your body.  In fact, this is where the misnomer of the “out of body” experience came from.  But the truth is that there is no way to leave your body; only imagine yourself without a body. When you imagine this, you are no longer confined to physical aspects of a body experience.

Without leaving the room in which your body is lying, you can travel the universe to unknown worlds.  This traveling is better than taking a trip down memory lane because it doesn’t cause you to erupt in sadness over having lost something you love.  Instead, you see that nothing is lost in the mind of God because it is a container for all that ever was and all that has yet to be.

People like to say there is no past, no future, only present time, only now. But they rarely fully grasp how that is so.  The way that you can imagine the past as not existing is to remember something in the past that is so full of emotion, it is as if it is occurring right now.

Your body doesn’t know that it is in the past or future when it relives something that has full physical symptoms such as emotional trauma.  This is also true of the future.  You can imagine a future that will stop you from actually moving forward because the future you imagine is not what you want to be true.  As you imagine this future of pain, you are creating it.  You create every solitary reality you experience by never assembling the parts that would change the future in a different course.

When you open the door to this idea, you will start to listen to your thoughts and awareness of the time when you were unhappy.  Each time you recognize that it was a past event that made you unhappy, you can quickly remind yourself that it is not happening now; when you do that, you have achieved the moment of now.

At each stage of your awareness of the now, you get closer and closer to the true reality. When you are true to that, an abundance of expression will move through your creative means. The creative means is the focus you begin to acquire to manifest the life you so desire.