“There’s no such thing as death. The soul does not die, only the form is denied life.”

This is Sondra Sneed saying, I’m very uncomfortable coming forward with this view. It is not only controversial, it is something people are vehemently opposed to, in the community of religion. However, it is my rightful heir to speak on behalf of spirit as to give this point of view leverage for those who fight for the right to choose. The following is what God says through me on the nature of abortion. That it is an unnecessary burden to society, but one that must remain free. At least until concessions to its necessity are at an end. That day will only come with reason and responsibility, not moral religiosity.

God says:

There is no such thing as death. Death is a figment of the imagination that does not understand the nature of life. Life is given only through spirit. Therefore, one cannot openly deny life, once it has been established.

The way life expresses itself through three-dimensional forms is only the tip of the deep iceberg of life.

The soul was established from the spirit, and the spirit was established by God. God is a part and parcel of every human life on the planet, but that life is not physical, it is spiritual.

When the soul is not the reason for actions taken by the body, the body becomes out of alignment with the spirit. The spirit and the soul are united like a mother with a child in the womb. The spirit is constantly birthing a new soul.

The soul needs a way to understand itself. It will create a physical form to do so. That means the soul chooses a mother and father to birth it into this world you call Earth.

But the soul does not originate here and it does not meet its end here. A mother in the Earthly form must have basic needs met before the viability of the life of this soul is guaranteed on Earth. The more dense a population, the less that can be guaranteed.

God cannot, and will not, stop a soul from incarnating into a troubled environment, as that would end free will. However, there are so many souls that wish to learn that they will take great risks to land on Earth and find their way in no matter how unfortunate the mother and father are in their time of life.

Until birth control is widely available to the poor and young who have no healthcare, abortion is their only alternative, when a 17-year-old has been talked into having sex too soon. This is what needs to be addressed. And immediately. Teach children well. Stop them from having unprotected sex. Teach them how to understand the urge of the body does not have to be the action the soul takes in love.


Pushed to have sex, at an age when unprotected sex results in children too soon, means poverty remains unabated through a generation. The entire family is destined to remain impoverished if boys and girls before the age of 25 are supporting children.

And populations explode, becoming the norm of a society that does not curb its children’s childbearing. Why do you think previous civilizations had child sacrifices? Population explosions are devastating to a habitat, which supports the life of the community as a whole.

The urge to have sex is biological, not moral! You cannot moralize biology. You must curb it with reason and responsibility.

To give a good life to the poor means allowing them a chance to rise, in a social state of ability. It is our opinion that the human population must be reduced by two-thirds if it is going to survive the next wave of eradication.

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