A wish can’t come true without you. We’d like to think we can put a wish out into the Universe and if favored by the gods of wishing, we eventually get what we ask for. But there’s nothing more untrue, or so I’ve been learning from Source.

How To Wish Come True Workshop

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When I lacked motivation one day, God said, “make three wishes.” 

Once I wrote my three wishes down, I was given the rest of the teaching.  Source explains the method and then we did a live stream to better understand it.

  1. Make Three Wishes at a Time.
    • Three wishes are not only ancient magic but are a psychological organization of wants vs. needs.
  2. Write each one down in a single sentence.
    • Over-complicating the wants is why wishes don’t get answered. 
    • The head gets overwrought with so many conditions that it is impossible to finally know what the wishes are unless each is a command line, instead of a list of conditions.
    • Whittling the wish statements down to the apex of desire declares the ultimate wish that gets satisfied.
  3. Keep a notebook of progress, with three sections respectively.
    • Progress notes are TO DO lists in succession; they begin the beginning, meet in the middle, and sure-up the end. 
    • Every TO DO list must contain single phrases with a verb as its first word. 
    • Make sure each phrase takes only one step to complete, or it needs to be broken-out into separate items on the list; in a sub-list of TODOs
  4. Journal using “I” statements, such as I will, I have, I need, I want, I don’t, I make, I do, I am, I maneuver, I match, etc.
    • I statements are the acceptance of responsibility for making your wishes come true. 
    • When you truly identify what is yours to get done, you stop waiting for others to do what needs to be done. 
    • Use these I statements in a journal format.
    • Discuss with yourself what you are going to need, do, not do, not need, make, not make, and then devise your TO DO lists from those discussions.
  5. Do more with more doing.
    • It is a necessity to work on tasks in one step.
    • Whenever the psyche starts to see progress, it gets excited to see more. 
    • Each step is on the TO DO list.  
    • Begin with the easiest task on the list all day long.  Break every task into bite-sized portions to make it easiest.
  6. Deepen your lists with what gets you going.
    • TO DO lists deepen with the ‘command line breakdown’ method, but that can take more time to write and think than to simply do without thinking as you complete other tasks. 
    • Only get things done in the manner they are necessary, in other words, not as pure commands.

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  1. Aurieona Astara

    I wish I had been able to hear the call in show. Sorry I missed it. Would like to know how to hear the playback. I love your work so much!

    • You will! I’m editing it and making it look nice. It will be ready as soon as I’m done. Soon! It’s really really amazing information. I keep watching it while editing, that’s why it’s taking me so long! Stay tuned…