I was sitting in the audience at an event. Sondra looked around the audience and asked, “who here is supposed to be letting their Star Shine?” I knew it was me…Star Shine Designs has been my company name for 10 years. I shot my hand up and she said “of course, it’s you!” She proceeded to tell me about how I would soon be on stage really letting my Star Shine and mesmerizing people. She didn’t know at the time that I had returned to vocal study and am going for my dreams in full finally. She asked what the static was that was keeping me from going fully forward and I told her who it was. She then gave me a powerful mantra to use to continually clear and release that so I could really shine. I have been working with that mantra and it has been the most powerful and effective thing I’ve ever used for clearing. I now feel nothing is in my way to do what my soul has been prompting me to do all my life. I am so blessed and grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Sondra and would highly recommend her to anyone. 

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