Thank you a million times for being who you are and where you were yesterday. As you probably could tell, your reading had a profound impact on me. (I hope I didn’t tear-stain your jacket. 😉 ) I am so grateful to have received the communication that you passed on to me from Spirit and I am looking forward to listening to it over again. I feel as if I have received a wake up call, or have walked through a door into another, unexpected, reality. I feel on the one hand relieved to be able to allow myself to be a wife; and on the other quite a bit of fear and heart pain–good pain, though, like deep stretching or soreness from working out. The pain of becoming more and facing fears. Oh yes, very similar to child birth, I realize now, scary, painful, but it has to be done and there is the most sacred of gifts at the end. You are amazing and once again I thank you. I have always hoped for a reading that really knocked my socks off and, well, I got it! You are such a gift, dear Sondra. Thank you for shining your light. I am looking forward to another session with you–a longer one next time. Also,you will likely hear from some of my friends and family down the road. You are so amazing and beautiful. How wonderful it must feel to have such a clear understanding of what it is that you are to do in this lifetime.

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