“I had a session with Sondra and have to say I was blown away by the magnificence and beauty of it! She has an incredible gift. Within the first few minutes, as God spoke to me through Sondra, I felt a profound sense of inner peace and relaxation, and the words resonated so deeply that I was moved to tears. At this point I knew in my core that this was Truth. God spoke to me about many things, including my life purpose, and all were very accurate. We also spoke about my name (which I had never particularly liked), and as we talked, I was able to see the beauty in my name, and the reason why I had been given it – and more happy tears followed! Thank-you Sondra for the beautiful work that you do – I will definitely be booking another session.

Thank-you so much for such a beautiful gift of Grace – I’m still feeling wowed by my session – it was truly amazing! Much love crossing the oceans to you!”

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