Hi Sondra. I am a fan of your work and have read your book. My name is Amanda (Mandy). I am so happy you are bringing up the Anunnaki in your work. I have read another account of these beings from a man named Chris Thomas who has the ability to read the akashic records. Chris wrote 11 books, many essays and was in the public for a short time giving interviews. He has since retreated from the public eye ( because of a severe attack) and you can no longer find his books for sale anywhere on the planet. Two of these books were devoted to information about the Anunnaki. These beings go by many names and disguises but Anunnaki is the most popular because of the work of a man named Zacharia Sitchin. Their real name is “Velon” and they are a semi physical race in the universe. They came to Earth 300 years ago and along with taking over the illuminati, they traveled back in time to plant the Anunnaki story. A few of his essays briefly cover the Velon and their influence on humans. So far in your videos Source has been right on about these beings.

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