Sensational Sondra 🙂 Thank you so much for such a wonderful session today! I got a lot out of it and have already re-listened once, getting even more. I’m looking forward to this year ahead and my expansion into my Self, and you’ve given me some beautiful focus-points for that journey 🙂 xx I’m super-curious now about the “Traces-of” idea, I certainly recognize a “trace” of what’s going on for people behind every word they say, the way they ask their questions, and I love that your session has highlighted that for me to deepen and own about myself. And you know, I love old wood, new items don’t interest me, and I’ve often said how much I’d love to hear the stories behind the bumps and scratches on things – maybe I can?!? 🙂 There’s some practice to be had, holding things and looking for that trace. By the way, I have also tweeted a couple of times about terrific things I have learned from hearing you on Sheldon’s show, something else that I took from thenatureoftruelove was that “they” are not the Teacher – My Relationship to ME when I’m in relationship with them is the teacher. This really helped me and it’s on a note here on my desk to read each day before returning to the office!

With much love, and I hope to connect again this year for another round of wisdom and support from you (and God) 🙂 -Tracy xxoo

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