I’ve referred to my Source Talks as ‘verbal transliteration.’  Some say I’m channeling, but they are mistaken. Channeling is when a spirit entity uses a medium’s auric field to communicate to or through her. 

The state of higher consciousness I align to and allow to speak through me is within all living organisms, cells, and celestial systems. My technique is an ancient form of finding one’s own true genius. It is also the origin of inspiration, for greatness in science or art or anywhere greatness is destined. It’s not limited only to the pious among us.

Each Source Talk is unique.

The content is a mystery before the performance.  Here are just a few of the titles since 2014.

  1.  Are We God’s Artificial Intelligence?
  2.  How Soul Knows What Brain Cannot
  3.  You’re Not the Man in the Mirror
  4.  Tyrants of the Mind
  5.  Worth of Your Soul to Spirit
  6.  The Word that Signaled Time
  7.  Who Are You? What if You’re Not?
  8.  Way to Walk the Talk
  9.  Sky and the World are Beneath You
  10.  Long Walk Toward the Inescapable
  11.  Doubts from Within
  12.  Nature of True Love in 3 Parts
  13.  Life On Purpose: How to Create a Conscious Life
  14.   The Nature of the True Self
  15.   What Soul Uses for Spirit Expansion
  16.   Transformation from Within
  17.   Wasted Thoughts that End Love’s Flow
  18.   The Way of Truth for the Wise
  19.   12 Ways to Identify Yourself in the World of Healing
  20.   Strategy for the Spiritual Development of the Self