Sondra Sneed advocates personal growth and transformation through mental mastery.  Her work encourages those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves to pursue the journey of courage and faith.

If you’re looking for some out-of-this-world advice, then Sondra Sneed is the one to turn to. She’s a spiritual development coach and author of What To Do When You’re Dead who regularly performs on stage delivering “Source Talks” which put her in a semi-trance state.

Her unique abilities have enabled her to help countless people out of despair and loneliness, inspiring them to rebuild self-love relationships.

She has also performed over 4,000 readings, where the mind is a complex and mysterious thing. Her work helps clients understand the reasons behind their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

To spread her wisdom even further, Sneed contributes regularly to her “Dear Godscribe” blog as well as radio call-in shows and podcasts.  Additionally, she teaches true love principles in a bi-annual column for “Texas Weddings” Magazine.

If you’re looking for advice from a psychic medium with an unparalleled track record of success, then Sondra Sneed is the one to turn to.

Sneed was recently chosen to participate in a channeling inquiry conducted by IONS, a leading research institute dedicated to exploring the science of the paranormal. She stood out among 3,000 applicants worldwide for her experience and ability to access higher realms of consciousness. The twelve finalists are part of an ongoing fieldwork project inspired by Dr. Helena Wahbeh’s book, The Science of Channeling.

Sneed has appeared on numerous radio shows, podcasts and was recently featured in “They Call Us Channelers” on the paranormal niche YouTube channel, The Kevin Moore Show. 

She is passionate about using her gifts to help others find inner peace and balance in their lives. 

Through her spiritual mentoring services, she seeks to deepen her clients’ connection with their higher self while giving them access to powerful healing tools.