Your reading has changed my life.
It has given me hope, a sense of peace,
and the ability to cope. 

— Patty

"I'm bowled over by what Sondra is able to do and so powerfully impact another human being. Today it was me."   

— Jack Canfield

“Before, every day was a chore.  Your reading lit the fire in me."

— Kim

"Thank you for relaying some of the best advice I have ever received."   

— Elona

Why am I still alone?

"Starting from your readings is a wonderful way to be talking about our lives." 

— Bob

“I was so enlightened and uplifted by our session… I feel so ALIVE!"  

— Shayda

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“The kind of consciousness that comes through [Sondra]
is so supportive …
that’s just such a treasure.”
– Dorthea

SAMPLE READING; from the radio show, Curious Times

“I was given information to help clarify who I am in the world. Not who I was showing up as, but who I really am.”
— Lisa

 "I was shown the real meaning of my name, and the reason I had been given it.
…happy tears followed."

— Ginny

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I can’t wait!!!

 "...opened my eyes to things I may never have known about myself…"

— Jerian

“So reassuring and inspiring…”  

— Fiona