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1-on-1 Source Guidance

Experience a transformative journey, with me as your guide. 

As a psychic medium, I serve as a conduit for Source wisdom. This is the being I call God within. 

My gift allows profound language from the Universal One to speak through me. 

This comes in one-on-one soul sessions and captivating Source Talks.  

All through time, seers and prophets have laid claim to this ability.

After a decade of secrecy about it, reluctantly I have worked this mission since 2014 helping thousands.

Since my first public appearance, I’ve been an integral part of Contact in the Desert (CITD), connecting with souls from diverse realms, since 2015.

This work counsels from a higher self. 

Seekers find soulful introspection, or even clues to their enlightenment. 

Remarkably, half of those who sit in my chair at CITD have soul origins beyond our world, adding an extraordinary dimension to my work.

My personal journey began in a year of solitude in 2004.  

Stranger than Fiction

In my own conversations with Source (God), they revealed I am a sergeant in the Galactic Federation.  In that role I am entrusted with the task of “training the troops” for a higher purpose. 

Soul narratives during readings at UFO conferences inform mysteries of existence way beyond our everyday experience.

Source’s revelations shed light on profound, hidden realities, like

  • soul co-occupancy
  • alien telepathy and transpondence
  • human hybridization through soul transference 

In my 2013 book, “What to Do When You’re Dead: A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being,” God within me made world predictions.  

Some of these prophesies have since unfolded.  They include alien disclosure, the global pandemic, and other mass issues we face in our world. 

The Soul is Important to Appease

However, through it all, the book’s focus remains on the essence of the soul. 

And the soul’s journey beyond the physical realm.

Why You Need a Soul Reading?

Embracing the soul and mystical advice related to it, sets you on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. 

  • The job is less stressful 
  • Leadership more probable
  • Relationships more understandable
  • The psyche more trainable

If you are one who takes risks, or are embroiled in the unknown in any way, you need clear eyes.

This work will enlighten your view.

Soul readings gently shift you, and help you navigate the chaos and confusion of your mortal experience.

This work reveals a journey toward greater courage, deeper engagement, and a profound connection to what truly matters.

How to Schedule Your Session

  1.  At bottom of your screen / Click the yellow button “Schedule Here”
  2.  Look for the CITD Conference option
  3.  Follow prompts: add your info and payment
  4.  At appointment time, come see me at Booth ES-55 (Last booth in the Emerald South Foyer, next to Orion’s Outlook exit door.)