development“It’s just business” is a ridiculous refrain. Every single aspect of business is for the human world.

So why is “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business” the jump-to thought when decisions are made that have collateral human damage?

Because no one knows what else to say when the axe comes.

Here are a few chants that will reattach the head and assert the soul.

  1. You are not your job
  2. You are not your boss’s job
  3. You are not the job you no longer have
  4. No one at the job knew you before they met you on the job
  5. You are not who they think you are
  6. You are not who the world imagines when it imagines a world without you
  7. Your life is not ending
  8. Your world is just starting to reveal itself
  9. Your world is bigger than you thought
  10. Your life does not have anything to do with the people who let you go
  11. You’re not the person they thought you were
  12. You’re more than you thought you were
  13. The world around you is bigger than you imagined
  14. It’s time the world see you for who you are, rather than for what you do
  15. There is nothing more satisfying than finding comfort in transition
  16. Transition has more to do with the flow of energy than it does the stoppage of power
  17. You’re much more productive when people tell you what to do
  18. You’re getting better at productivity without people telling you what to do
  19. You’re about to find an amazing opportunity
  20. You’re about to show yourself a whole new side of your personality


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