Love has no reason to be shy


I am in my 60s and looking for true love.  I don’t want to do online dating so I am out meeting people in groups.  I want to trust my heart to be open.

I feel I am the avoidant dating type, trying to find “Mr.  Perfect.”  How can I not be afraid to love again?

Signed, Lonely Woman


You’re afraid to love because the ones you’re getting close to are afraid of you being you.

Whenever someone is afraid of you, meaning they don’t know what you will say or do, you think it’s because of you that they are afraid.

But a man who is afraid of a woman is afraid of his mother and puts all women in the same category.  He cannot see himself separate from his mother, either, and cannot see women as individuals but as one whole; each the same.

If you want a man who is good to you, one who lets you be you and isn’t fazed by your idiosyncrasies, you’ll need to stop talking to the ones who constantly seek your approval.

The man who doesn’t need your admiration will be the one you can afford to open your heart to, but you haven’t noticed those men.

You think love is timid and shy.  Well, love has no reason to be shy.  Love notices itself as beautiful, amazing, and unabashedly exuberant.  When it hides, it looks only to be expressed again, and will not like to be hidden.

This is why you are lonely.  You hide your love away, and it doesn’t like that. 

Learn how to love yourself by dating yourself, fall in love with yourself as if it is you who is the most amazing relationship you have ever found.  Find joy in there, and your true love will find you.

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