“During the course of the day, everyone came away from their reading saying that they were so amazed at the accuracy, depth, and how she touched the core of their soul . . . they all felt transformed!”

Marva Mason, 20-year veteran producer, Marva Mason’s Psychic Fair, Houston, TX

“Sondra Sneed has performed live readings on my radio show Live with Belle Salisbury several times. She is inspirational and provides valuable guidance to those who seek her help. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to hear a message from God, she truly is a woman of God.”

Belle Salisbury, Publisher Bellesprit Magazine

Hi Sondra, I just wanted to pop over and thank you for coming on my show Curious Times Radio. Both times you have been on have resulted in great feedback from my listeners. They have asked me to ask you back following both of your appearances on my show.  Thank you for the excellent discussions and for providing such meaningful messages to our callers, and thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty by staying much longer in order to take all the callers, that is very kind and generous of you to do.

…Keep doing the amazing work you do,
I believe you are helping so many people in very profound ways.

Chris, Host of Curious Times Radio

“I first discovered Sondra while listening to my friend’s show on HeyZ Radio. Through Sondra, I was shown without question what I was born to do, what is standing in my way, and very meticulously, how to rectify it.  With much gratitude to Sondra, I am now tapping into that higher wisdom that will lead me through the rest of my journey.

Sondra’s gift is truly a blessing to us!”


“I cannot sing enough praise about my consultation with Sondra. The message is so much more than just information… it is an experience that touched me on multiple levels and connects me to God, the earth and all of life. I was immersed in the experience, the spaces between the words and the message itself. The waves began to build when I scheduled the call and they continue to roll after our time together. The momentum has a life of its own and I am being moved. Clarity, peace, strength, and courage are part of the gift that you bring. I will pay attention and do my part now to honor the message, the messenger and God. I know that I was meant to be led to you and I bow to you. You are fully living your divinity to serve and I am so grateful that it was our time to connect. Big love to you, Sondra.”

Kimberley Simon, MA, CPC, Wisdom Guide & Creative Emergence Coach

“A week after receiving a heart touching message from Sondra, I would like to share my written thoughts. Have you ever mulled a question over and over again in your mind so much that you are unsure which way to turn? Or to the point where you cannot hear or trust your inner voice? Just wishing that someone could really listen, understand and guide you out of the fogginess you have created? Well your wish can easily come true by just contacting Sondra Sneed!

I have been so blessed to have received two empowering messages from Sondra. Her voice is one of he most caring, gentle that I have ever heard. It is like she is in the same room with you, lovingly looking right at you and bringing you to your clearest level of awareness. It feels as though Sondra is reassuringly holding your hand, as she so clearly states the most important aspect of your life situation. Then a smile always comes over my face as Sondra’s strong and tender voice leads me to ask a question which empowered my knowing and being to the very core.  Her clear insight amazes me with her assuring words such as; “Yes, that’s the question” or “You have it, Annette.”  Even when I hesitate with my words, I can feel her calmly and patiently waiting for me to recognize what she so easily sees in me. Sondra always ends our conversations with enlightening words that make my soul just want to go out and dance! Each visit with Sondra leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed! Thank you so much for all of your caring, confident messages that always guide and carry me to such inner happiness and joy! I am so very blessed to have you in my life!!!”


“I just want to thank you for being brave enough to do what you are doing. I recognized God’s voice on the back cover of your book, just as I did all the way through reading it. Hearing the sound of your calm, sweet voice yesterday brought every sensation of heaven to my heart and soul. You are so very special … keep going! I could hear in your voice, too, that you are really needing affirmation right now. What you talked to me about yesterday was right on …. and sounded exactly like the 24/7 conversations God and I have going on. 🙂 I do, indeed, feel many, many souls around me, and know that they are caring for and carrying me through this difficult time with my health. Your message was a further affirmation for me that I have finally cleared my brain enough to truly hear Him and feel His Love. I hope you know how very, very grateful I am to you for that and for you, simply because you ARE!”

Yvonne Nutter

“Sondra gave me a powerful and profound message with respect to something that has haunted me for years-it was so buried, I had actually forgotten about how much it had impeded my life and spiritual growth and was holding me back. The message was not pretty but it was delivered with such loving energy with healing intentions. It was truly life altering.”

Amy Cavanaugh

“Hello and blessings to you dear sister soul. l feel fortunate to have heard your story on The Moore Show. You are a brave individual and l thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maria Goretti

“Sondra is one awesome message deliverer. Each and every message was powerful and profound!!”

Linda Jordan

Divinely Guided Indeed.  This was a Truly Magnificent Session that Moved Me Beyond Words.  I am very grateful, for our session today.  Those who come to receive God’s guidance, through this lovely Soul known as Sondra, will not be disappointed. For there is no doubt in my mind, that I was in the energy and presence of the Greatest Love of All.  I read her book, “What To Do When You’re Dead,” which prompted me to call her.  I was seeking an answer to a very real concern of mine, and knew when Sondra (God) began to speak, that I was at peace with this concern.  My mind and heart rest easier now.  It was God who said he had something more to tell me and that I needed to know regarding my path and purpose. It was clear and filled with deep wisdom that will guide me along my path furthering my purpose in life and the work I do.  I have complete confidence and trust in the work and practice that Sondra provides. Sondra is gentle, modest, open and caring. God is the same. Together they will help provide the information that is most needed, right here, right now, for those who need it at a time when they need it most. I am grateful, you took the risk to listen to the voice of God, open up and let the world know how we can all be helped through your method of God-scribe. I wish you Love, Peace & Joy”
Gayle Church

Sondra was able to give powerful messages to everyone that called for a reading, and even those listening in felt the truth in what she said. Thank you so very much!
Nancy Sky

I have always believed that I was here to help others. During a conversation with God last evening via Sondra Sneed this was confirmed, (and not through my asking). God says I did not want to incarnate on earth, my work as a Guide however deemed it necessary I do so in order to assist a number of people on their spiritual path during this time. I guess I needed to be “in their face” so to speak. And this showed up this morning in my email. {giggle} It said, “Kimberly, you’ve done better than you know. You’ve helped more than you realize. And you’re closer than you think.”

The Universe

Kimberly Ward, Certified Psychic Medium