In Part 1, inspired by a reader’s question about how tonal vibrations in energy healing benefit the Calling Cells, God sets up a scenario about a woman who wants to increase her gift for intuition.

Vitamin A, where to get it
“Vitamin A makes the most of the cells’ ability to communicate with other cells.” image source:

So what is stopping her?  Why is her body resisting?  There is nothing stopping the ways of cells from developing, except the lack of nutrients that would allow her body to respond to this new being that she is becoming.”


In part 2, the creator of the universe talks about the

  • Calling Cells’ function
  • what’s happening in the woman’s body
  • how vibration and tone help to influence cells


God says: “It’s important to understand the Calling Cell’s most important function has to do with nutrition.

“All nutrients in the body are made to make cells function at the height of potential.  The fewer, available nutrients in the body, the less likely cells can do what they are asked to do.

“In the case of a woman who has too many people to satisfy, her nutrient need is far greater than even a man who works hard labor everyday.  The only nutrient his body needs, above all others, is muscle-building proteins.

“But a woman with complex hormones needs not only protein but also vitamins A and D.

“A” makes the most of the cells’ ability to communicate with other cells.  Vitamin D allows these communications to be addressed in the cell.

“What that means is that when cells communicate, they must also be able to respond to what is being communicated.

“Vitamin C, for example, is an immunity nutrient.  It creates the barriers in the cells in order to protect from viruses.

“The distribution of vitamin C is a communication adaptation from how vitamin A works.

“When the cells call for a protection against something that shouldn’t be in the body, then vitamin C is used to create the barrier.  C is the responding nutrient in this case.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is also important to the Calling Cells when intuitive gifts are being strengthened in a woman’s body. Hormonal balancing is a critical part of remaining a healthy balance of being. (image source:, Roland Thomas, ND

“Vitamin D responds in the case of hormonal acceptance.  When a woman seeks intuitive manipulation of her mind, her cells demand hormonal balancing.

“She reaches outside her normal perceptive range, to deepen her ability to see beyond the obvious.

“Perception is a limited range of influence when the senses are the only source of input.  But when extra-sensory range is asked for, then the body must have enough interdependency to perform.

“This demonstrates that the body is always the first to respond to any new way you wish to become.  You cannot become a new person of any kind without the body making a performance ritual for you.  (A ritual of cellular performance is so you can perform the wishes you wish to become.)

“If you are unable to get off the couch, for example, because your body won’t respond to your wishes, it’s usually because you have not given your body what it needs to move in response to your wishes.

“But the subject that began this discussion is about how vibrational tones can influence the calling cells, and now we will address that by using a simple analogy.

“Imagine yourself in a very noisy condition.  This “condition” is about how the mind must be, in order for the brain to function.

“So just imagine yourself in a very noisy environment.  The only reason you know that it is noisy is because your senses are very overloaded.

“They are picking up every sound and trying to make sense of each sound.  Each sound is in the brain trying to find a source.

“So you might hear a jackhammer, a baby crying, horns blaring, alarms sounding, etc.  Each and every sound is in the brain, going back and forth, back and forth, looking for a place to be.

“Sound is a difficult sense to eliminate in the brain, because the brain cannot take itself out of the environment, without the body literally moving away from the noises.

“It cannot shut-off without you making a wreck of yourself in this environment, which is because each sound cannot land and be within you.

“In other words, the vibration from these sounds is not going to stop, but instead continue to reverberate throughout your body.

“Can you imagine what that’s doing to the calling cells?

“Calling cells are disrupted by the chaotic noise in the body – the disruption of vibration that will not surrender to your natural rhythm, (cannot land and be).

“Same is true about nutrition. Lack of nutrition is equivalent to the noise the ears cannot shut out.  If the body doesn’t have the proper amount of nutrition for what it is trying to become, it’s as if there is a noisy chaotic environment.

“The lack of buffer from the sound in your environment is the same as the cells not having a proper buffer between what they need and what else is in the body; i.e. hormones, cells that are doing other things, toxins from bad foods, pollution, etc. the body is constantly flooded by too many things that nutrition buffers away from cell function. So this is how vibrational interference occurs.

“But how can an energy healer, and/or sound therapist help to give the calling cells what they need?

It is done by surrendering the body to its own rhythms, using vibration.

“By using the sound wave vibration that allows the body’s most complete rhythm to occur, the body is enabled to begin to motivate the cells to calm down and start listening to the right vibrations and tune out the harmful ones.

“It is similar to using earplugs to tune out the noisy environment that causes stress in the body.  When you wear earplugs, the contained sounds begin to motivate healing because the body can literally hear itself, instead of the outside world.


  1. You have given good information Sondra for your readers regarding the calling cells and vibrational rhythms.

    I’m aware and recognize that we need to properly feed the body the right nutrition. We also need to properly feed and address the souls need. But what if the body’s cells cannot and are not fully functioning to receive and accept the nutrients it needs?

    Are we supporting the cells with the proper vibrational match in which the cells can utilize the nutrients in order to help them communicate with other cells?

    Isn’t the calling cell is calling for something unique, in addition to micro-nutrients? Can we recognize what that is? Should we have a conversation with our body? Our Soul?

    I believe that my thoughts, my intenton, beliefs etc. have a vibrational tone that communicate with my cells.

    I believe the body can be confused and bombarded with inaccurate nutrients from unhealthy food, as well as unhealthy emotions.

    I believe that the body needs more Peace Love and Joy to be really healthy and happy.

    I believe that fitness for the body is good, but that we need fitness for the soul just as much, if not more. Meditate & Communicate with God.

    I believe that the body/soul presents us with choices to help us grow and evolve. Sometimes we’re not listening. Sometimes we’re resisting. We could be more open, more allowing and surrender more to the will of God.

    Perhaps a good question to ask is; where should we turn to and who should we turn to for true guidance regarding the calling cell and vibrational healing?

    For me, its Remembering who ‘I AM’ and that I AM One with everything.

    • I’m not sure which question to answer, but in sum I think it’s important to clarify calling cells. These cells are the system’s most important subsystem. Calling cells require nutrients to work properly. These nutrients are acquired via food, only food. When there is interference and the body cannot hear what the calling cells are calling for, then the interference must be identified, if food does not contain nutritional value it must not be eaten, if a drug is interfering with cellular communication, it must be taken care of. But since science doesn’t even know they exist, there’s much to be done in the way of research about them. In your case, it’s important to access your ability to distinguish between your emotions and someone else’s. When you do that through emotional immunity, your body will follow suit.

  2. Hi Sondra, Thanks for brush-up on need for vitamins for good health. I’ve been taking mega-doses for decades now and agree with all the info from you. I’m in great health and rarely sick.
    When I tried to figure out how brain filed info the best I got was that info is color-coded, your info far more detailed and needs deep meditation and understanding.
    Info re: the birth of Christ is awesome but does that mean every Bible story about him is fictional or are they all parables?? I was aware that the second coming was the awakening of the Christ with-in, this goes even deeper. Love you and your sharing, More later, Marilou

    • The stories about the Christ in the Bible are written by people who didn’t fully comprehend the natue of the Christ, so they wrote from an incomplete image regarding the nature of Yeshua’s enlightenment. It’s not that the stories are wrong, they are just incomplete, missing the most important details. Over the centuries what has been written has been misinterpreted.

  3. Great nutritional support….being kind to our vehicle ……it’s a god thing 🙂