Reader Wonders, Why Can’t I Conjure a Future with my Husband

Conjure the Future with Imagery of the Present: Truth or Imagination?:pablo-heimplatz-275442-unsplash

Dear Godscribe:

I am married to a man whom I believe is an old soulmate.  I asked my soul about him and she said, “Oh, we’ve been doing this for many many years. We’re best friends.”

I have such an aching love for this man although the passion is not there.

I could never see myself being without him, as long as he is alive.

I also have been getting messages, answers to my questions and “inklings,” for lack of a better term, that he will not be in my life for a long time. That he will transition much before I do.

My mind cannot generate visions of a life in old age with him.

I can generate dreams and fantasies of other experiences I desire, but not with him. (Things like travel, a dream home, etc.)

I imagine I will find myself in a new, fresh relationship. 

One that exceeds all my previous experiences and will challenge my beliefs and thoughts about who I am as a woman, in a loving partnership.

I wonder sometimes if this is really my “truth” or my imagination, where I conjured [images] to fit my reality?

Gratefully, Inquisitive

Dear Inquisitive,

There is a good point in thinking you’re not ever going to love another, ever.  

And that allows you to do as you described, but with your now husband.  Instead of waiting for him to die to do it, in other words.

But to project into the future and try to conjure the future with imagery of the present is not only foolhardy it’s very dangerous to the soul.

What the Soul Wants, Above All Else

The soul wants one thing and one thing only, to feel joy.

Joy cannot be experienced in the future tense. 

Joy is always the condition of the now.

We want to also clarify that your husband and you have not spent lifetimes together as souls who have incarnated over and over in the past.

It just doesn’t work that way.

In fact, it is a very rare phenomenon to know your soul group as your soul group because they are more likely to enter your life as some construction of pain than pleasure.

Pain caused only to bring you a higher understanding of your soul-mind, we mean.

Say a drunk driver who kills your only child or a mother who forces you to be a slave to her whims.

But souls rarely share multiple lifetimes.

The sheer volume of effort it would take on the part of spirit to coordinate two births, two life paths, and two individual beings who are ready for commitment at the same time is only done as a matter of necessity and may have all kinds of weirdness going on as a result.

You, dear one, are a soul alone in the universe just like every other soul.

You have evolved at every stage of your soul’s advancement, and at your own pace.

That said, we strongly advise you to stop adoring your husband as if he were born for you and start seeing him as someone born to find himself.

You must do the same.

To find yourself means don’t look to him for your self-actualization.

Look to your need to evolve, and do as your soul experiences the joy of doing.

Your relationships are not there for self-actualization, they are there that you not feel so alone.

And that’s their only purpose.

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