Healer Wants to Know her Soul’s True Purpose?

Am I an Angel Walk-in -Photo by @Sommi
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Dear Godscribe:  

I would like to know my soul’s purpose in this world.  I know I am a healer and a Reiki Master but I don’t feel that is my calling.  

I love being around all kinds of animals, too.

Can God tell me if I am an angel walk-in?  

I call my angel, Yellai, and when I talk to her I can feel my vibration raise, to high. 

Dear Reader,

Whatever your purpose one thing is for sure you are not an angel walk-in because it is nearly impossible.

We say nearly because only a few in history have ever experienced such an incarnation.

Suffice it to say if it were true you wouldn’t need, nor want, to ask.

What is an Angel?

The angelic realm is not souls, therefore cannot incarnate.

Their realm is illuminessence.

Angels do not have bird wings and human bodies.

They have light that fluctuates color and brilliance.

Their speed of flux can cause the appearance of a winged creature, but it’s just a trick of the eyes.

The only alignment a soul-to-angel can have is “aspect.”

To be an aspect means you are positioned relative to the presence of an illuminant being.

So, we don’t see in your aura this condition, either, but we do see an ability to communicate with altered ghosts.

Altered ghosts are the concentration of apparition that becomes entrapped overtime by their past and the presence of other ghosts.

An altered ghost can also be a fallen angelic being who has lost its illuminescent condition and is now a demon.

As we tell you this, you need to find in your past the time you became aware of “dark things.”

You must start to identify with a luminescence (angels) for protection before you meet the ways of darkness.

The ways of darkness are complete remission of luminousness.


  1. You need to read “I Am An Angelic Walk-In” by Claire Candy Hough. Also, I am an angelic walk-in and have been on Earth for three years now, and my name is Grace. There are more of us here and more of us coming.

    • I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but Angels are not human, nor could a human body contain such luminescence and survive very long without disintegrating into dust. With that said, there are people and I know one of them, who are born in the aspect of some angelic form. I know an individual who is an aspect of the Arch-angel Gabriel. I only know that he is because of the readings he had with me and Source introduced us to the condition during those readings. He was one of my first mastery students. Anyone I’ve worked with who has some Angelic condition is usually the last to think of themselves in that way, and are usually very shy insecure people. The old adage fools go where angels fear to tread is a truism. Angels fear mankind’s insolence to God. For they know well God’s power to provide the rough road.

  2. Are crystals and rocks needed for protection? Can they be over done? Is surrounding your self with white light enough?

    Thank you

    • These accoutraments may comfort, but they are not strong enough to do much on their own. There are things you can do to protect yourself from dark energies. 1. Smudge your room. Use sage or some other herb designed for cleansing, and burn to smoke out residual sadness from the corners of the room. 2. Pray. Prayer is not what people think. It is not to ask for and receive something it is to surrender your fears to the higher power. So pray like this, “God please take these dark feelings from my heart. I know I am helpless to fix this that has a hold on me without you. I am releasing to you what I cannot fix on my own. I am anxious about things I can’t fix, or control, so in order to be less nervous all of the time, I surrender it all to you to take it from me and show me the way through. Please send your protective joy and gooey feeling of love to cover me completely like the honey pot for a bear. Please be my honey pot and I will be your loving bear.” Amen 3.) Hold a holy book in your hand and ask that God show you a page with a message for you today. 4.) Feel what is God’s within you holding you. Feel you are a sparrow in the hollow of God’s hand. 5.) Look to what you are as perfectly made by God. Only man puts you down, God holds you up. xoxox, Sondra