The Affection of a Cat Shows Humans Share Trait

Cats and reincarnationDEAR GODSCRIBE:

Fig, my cat, and I have a very deep connection.  Do we share a past-life?


No. It’s not impossible, but it’s rare for two souls of similar origin – evolving on the same timeline – to come into the world as different species.

There are cases, however, where a horse and a human, or a wild animal tamed to accompany a founding family, for safety’s sake in a new territory, have incarnated at the same time as different species.  These are instances which held survival reasons, however.

Those [incarnation] agreements were for the purpose of a community’s expansion, not a soul’s expansion.

So, your closeness with Fig is something much sweeter.

When you two met, as a kitten she was smitten with you.  And then you fell in love with her brilliance, how smart and communicative she is.

You discovered through her that the nature of each other’s souls has the ability to love, profoundly, despite uncommon origins.

Affection in animals is by no means rare.

Humans giving weight to an animal’s intelligence and showing care, through fondness for that intelligence, needs to be more common.  Also, intelligence shown through affection needs to be more widely accepted as something that did not originate with human beings.

Humans evolved from a system of communication and friendship.  Nature already had these elements in place just as competition, love, and the drive to reproduce all preceded humans.

Such is the matter of the soul inhabiting vessels designed by nature, to thrive within nature’s habitats.  Affection, (the act of affecting emotions of the other), breeds intelligence for the purpose of survival.




  1. Patty Matthewd

    I had a profound connection with a dog, like this person has with Fig, the cat. My dog, Dante, is gone now and I miss him dearly and think about him often. I hope he comes back to me someday. It was love in its purest form. He taught me so much.

    • Oh Patty, I know the feeling a dog’s love can bring to us. God says that if we really understood why dogs were created, we would worship them.

  2. We can create what heaven is going to be for ourselves before we go Home. That I know. But, can our “heaven” include anyone we want in that afterlife experience? I have created a beautiful ranch house in a beautiful meadow in the mountains of Colorado. There is a certain man who I dearly loved in this lifetime but who has transitioned to the Other Side 15 years ago. Will it really be his soul or will it be like a “step ford husband”; looks like the perfect housewife but is really a robot, or in the case of Heaven, just the essence of the One I love so dearly?