7 Mindful Thoughts

by © Sondra Sneed Godscribe.com

  1. I am not what I think

  2. I am not what I do

  3. I am not what I want

  4. I am not what I wish

  5. I am not what I would love

  6. I am not what loves me

  7. I am what loves

Soul Speak Season 3

Join me for a tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer on this season’s SOUL SPEAK with host Sheldon Pizzinat. 

I am celebrating the believing is seeing concept, advocated by Dr. Dyer. I have been living my life in that way, ever since Source first showed me how it works. 

If you sign-up for the Webinar, which includes interviews with, Skye and Serene Dyer, 2 of his daughters, author Arielle Ford (Soulmate Secret), and Bec Robbins and many many more, you’ll get a free copy of my SOURCE TALK: The Nature of True Love in 3 Parts (nearly 3 hours of Source discussing True Love)

AND Discounts to readings!  If you wanted a reading but can’t afford the new client fee, here’s a perfect opportunity to get the discount you need.

Sondra Sneed featured in Tribute to Wayne Dyer


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