The mind that is in your brain is like a cup of water inside the ocean.  

This ocean is accessable the minute you step outside of the container.  This container is imaginary, just as your body is an imagined reality.  Your mind holds within it all of the world’s input.  

When you start to trade the world’s input with the ocean you are contained within, your world will not be able to contain you.


Take a step into this mind that is vastly surrounding you.  Take this moment to imagine you are not in the world but instead inside the mind of God.  This mind is so huge you cannot even imagine what it looks like.  This is because it has no end.  Even the closer you get to the sides of it, the further you get from the end of it.  This is because there is a battle ground that you have created.  The battle ground is where all of the people you have ever met begin to tell their stories.  These stories are always in conflict with your own, if you think that the sum of your being is small and insignificant.

When you start to see that you are contained within God and God within you, you will begin to not identify with people you know or even love.  Instead you will begin to identify with the nature of your soul.  Your soul is fortified with the centuries upon centuries that you have existed before coming to earth.  Earth was a place in your mind before it became the home you call your world.

The reason this is important to acknowledge is because as you define yourself by having lived for eons and eons, you will slowly develop a kind of passion for things that are not of this world.  You will even see nature as having patterns that are repeated over and over again.  These patterns, while immensly beautiful and colorful, diverse and outrageously dignified, are still a conjured way of the source of all being, within which you have also been made.

When your mind is open to the lost ways of God, you become an abundantly able individual, no longer defined by health, money, or class.  You will behave the way an astronaut does regarding the boundaries of countries.  From the perspective of space there is only land and water, sky and working systems that make up these natural processes to make the earth.  There is no such thing as country from the space within which the earth does spin.

So too is your mind from the perspective of the mind of God.  As you elevate your identity to a being who knows no boundaries, no one can put you into the pendulum swing of the changes in social acceptance.  You will not be identified by your money, or by your looks, instead you will be identified by the mind of the creator that dwells in your eyes.


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  2. This is a great gateway to a theory I have been playing with for the past week. Your words have inspired my mind, putting life and light into my world where I have been feeling lost… I wonder if you and I could have a chat sometime in the future? My name is Amber…

    • Hello Amber! I only just saw this comment, I don’t get back to old posts as often as I’d like, but thank you for saying what you’ve said. Would love to hear how your theory is coming along. Sondra

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  5. Hello and blessings to you dear sister soul. l feel fortunate to have heard your story on the Moore Show. You are a brave individual and l thank you from the bottom of my heart. l feel a special kinship to you and l do not understand why but l accept it fully. l feel so blessed that God has touched my life and has begun using me to fullfill the dream of a better world. One day l would like to share it with you. God bless you and your loved ones. l wish you continued success.
    Maria Goretti

    • Hi Maria,
      Thank you so much for you kind words. You don’t know how much it means to me. You have a lot to give the world, and I think you are working hard to have the world stand its ground for you, but you don’t need that. All you need is to keep working at the world the way you are and it will find its way to you in due time. Just keep doing what you are doing. 😉