Misconstrued Meaning of Evil

“People have misconstrued the meaning of the word evil for a very long time. Evil merely means to underwork the laws of Love.

“It does not mean there is an entity in and of itself that is evil, but that the way evil works is to suppress the way that Love works.” (Chap. 1, Page 7, What to Do When You’re Dead)

The concept of evil, as it was understood in the ancient world, is formulated by understanding the difference between Love and no Love.  When you have ‘no love’ then you have evil.  But when you have evil, love is merely forgotten. You cannot eliminate Love.  Love is a substance from which all life has derived.

There is no such thing as the absence of love, only the absence of remembering it. 

When we say someone is evil we are saying they have no love.  But the truth is their love is no longer accessible.  The rememberance of love was so long ago in their existence it has become a forgotten source of life.  When love is forgotten, it can become so forgotten that it no longer accesses the life of form from God.

For Evil therefore, Life is accessed by means of sucking life from others, instead of from the God that is the true source of all life.

God is every cell of the universe, so if there is a cell that contains nothing of love then it has forgotten to live.  It does not remember how to live and retain its life.  It cannot die so it must survive in some form.

To survive and not know love is to make the source of existence a secondary source of survival.  It is so secondary in fact, the one that has no love no longer has any condition for existing within the individual.

That is all to say that evil is a source of secondary existence.  It cannot do what it was made to do.  It was made to eliminate the source of existence, but because it does not know love, and love is the source of existence, it cannot know what it was designed to get rid of, so it cannot.  This is what is so frustrating to those who are without love.  They cannot do what it is they want more than anything to do, they cannot destroy what love is and what love makes.

The reason that evil cannot destroy what is good and holy is because what is good and holy is not even accessible to that which is evil.

But evil is rare and hardly ever witnessed in its purest form.  Because in order to make evil pure, there has to be a condition of no light.  Not the kind of light that comes from the sun, but the kind of light that comes from the source of all life.  The source of all life is what gives the sun its glow.   It’s not that fire is the source, but the power of the source is the power of the sun times a million billion suns.   Evil is a million billion sunless skies and this does not exist in the universe on a pure and complete level.

The only reason this is an important message to understand is that much of what humanity considers evil is indeed not.  The amount of evil spirits in the world could fit on the head of a pin compared to the size of the earth in the amount of souls that are just lost from confusion.

The only reason they cannot ascend to where they belong is that they have not been given the ways and the means for which their soul should ascend.  No one told them that there is a river of forgetfulness that they come to earth upon before they are born.  And on this river of forgetfulness they forget the source of their soul’s existence.

The reason for this is that the life on earth that is lived by the soul-inhabited body, overpowers the memory of the soul, until the soul starts to live through the body of the individual it inhabits.  When the soul is given a chance to live with purpose, a new way to engage the heart begins.  When this engagement occurs then there is a reason to eliminate all that has been done without love.

This is why evil in its pure form is rarely ever seen.  It is just a matter of reminding the soul of its worth that will eliminate the need for any form of rage whatsoever.

So when you see for example, a soul without a body, and it makes you feel fear beyond fear, fear so fearful that it makes you think there is evil intent, you are possibly imagining it based on superstitious beliefs.

The fear you feel is your own, or you could be feeling the fear that the ghostly apparition is feeling and you need to find a way to separate your fear from theirs.  When you do that you can help them, reassure them that everything will be okay and they can find their way home if they want help from spirit.


  1. The first time I read the book I resonated with the energy flowing from the pages as I read. Over the weeks that followed I noticed subtle changes in my manner of speech and observations. In my work I noticed that my attention to others was more present, intimate and without judgement.
    Reading the book for the second time, I realize I am understanding more of what I am reading. I also have become hungry to know more and do more toward fulfilling my purpose. I am so grateful for all of that and for being a part of something that is so positive for the planet.

  2. Dear Sondra, Sorry it took so long to respond to this remarkable revelation!The answer I want is the best way to awaken these sleeping beings into their present existence. To start this life anew is one thing and to wake up to existing conditions and expressions of love is the next step to existence-I think. I’ve dedicated my life, as you have, to making this process available to truth seekers and curious-ready to wake up and move ahead. If there is a key I need to have or know about that will accelerate that process I’d really like to know. In the meantime I will magnify flow of love and hope it works to help! Please keep me posted. God Bless you, Marilou M

  3. This is a good article on light and dark. When I read it the first time I asked “How does this relate to my experience of life”.?
    I would ask anyone who really wants to know love to examine their own darkness. “Evil” does not just appear. It creeps up on a person one decision at a time. Through one life or many. For all of us.

    There is great value in understanding how darkness seduces the emotions into the promise of protection. We all know what it’s like to feel disconnected, discarded. Confused by how we perceive our life. It can leave us grasping for a way to protect ourselves from greater pain.

    Knowing our own darkness, gives us the ability to know darkness in another. Love and Evil these are tools of growth. Master these tools and you master creation. By learning to see our own natures without judgment we can offer that gift of Love to another.

    One of the most powerful experience’s I’ve had was meeting someone who had a conscious disciplined practice of meeting the world without judgement.
    Not seeing the world as good or bad. This was the first time I saw the possibility of a life without personal suffering. I saw I had options and could make choices outside of the construct of good and evil. This one meeting changed my life forever.
    I no longer see the duality of good or evil. This versus that. There is only life unfolding in millions souls, in the body of God.

    Having gone on with my studies, I know without question that if something is alive somewhere inside that being lives the original blueprint for life. I choose to speak to that universal spark of Love and creation whenever possible.

    We all come from the body of Source and we we’ll all return to Source. We are always one.

  4. Hello Sondra, once again your explanation on evil is right on. On a personal level someone very close to our family has caused so much pain and suffering. There is nothing more I can possibly do for them but pray and send good intentions (love) their way. The hurt is there but I know they still have good in them but its lost or forgotten as you put it. Each soul has to find its own way to God, so I am only going to send love and blessings their way. Hugs.

  5. Knowledge of this one article alone (if one has not read your excellent book yet) makes life (and death) so much more “user friendly”. It is amazing how mankind has damaged themselves with traditions, superstitions and man’s spins on religion. Getting to know God through you has been most amazing and sobering in regards to how loving, direct, intelligent and uncorrupted their way truly is. We’ve been raised to believe that there really is a Boogieman (demons). Life is tough enough without also creating and feeding one’s own neurosis…
    Thank you, and God, once again, for working to lighten our load!

  6. I Love this! A complete way to view the essence of what we think of as evil. The idea of helping someone who is hurting from a lack of love by helping them remember who they are is so basic, and can more easily be accessed by holding this information in our heart. Thanks, Sondta!!

    • Ah, Bea, you are so on target. “Remembering” is the only way that we can achieve that feeling of love, which is empowering if you think about it. We don’t have to get love from someone when we remember that we already have that which we seek. xoxo, Sondra