Dear Godscribe:

My brain produces more than enough dopamine than what is considered normal. It is a condition called schizophrenia (schizo-affective disorder to be specific). I’ve had this condition for 6 years. Is my brain more advanced than the norm? I mean, some say that we only use 10 percent of our brain. I have been fascinated by the theory that one-day humanity will develop advanced biological construction in connection with the brain. 

Signed, Plateaued

Dear Plateaued:

You are no more advanced as a “brain” than any of your human counterparts.  It’s just that they are no more aware of what they are, as they are aware of what you are. 

The brain of the so-called schizophrenic is constructed to receive messages.  These messages come from other systems.  They are available more readily to you than to those who do not have this condition. 

If cultures knew how to train schizophrenics on the “inner-ear voices“ they heard, humans would find substrates of ultimate and penultimate human systems. 

In other words, you are enabled with sub-dermal, superhuman hearing.  Here’s how that works.

Your Mind is not Your Brain  

Your brain is the processor of the mind, but your mind is not limited to the brain. It is a matrix map of ulterior, (existing beyond), and intra-terior, (existing within), substrates.

Your brain is connected to a system of ulteriror, intra-terior, and extra-terior matrices. 

One who is called a schizophrenic is one who has developed, in one lifetime or another, the ability to traverse these substrates.

And although that is your past, in this lifetime you are forced into a three-dimensional, physical substrate.

Out of all of the substrates that can be inhabited by a soul, the three-dimensional has the greatest limitations.   

Learn to close doors of the mind and open windows, in order that you listen only to the voices with your best interest at heart.

Learn to deny voices with their own agenda. 

You are Beloved

Voices with their own agenda are unmistakable, when you learn to acknowledge you are a loved being. 

You are loved by the being that made you, above all else.

Chambers in the Mind

There are “chambers” within the brain’s audible thought system. 

People who don’t have your condition have huge chambers, therefore those random errant voices that come into their heads get lost in the sea of their other thoughts.  They are therefore ignored and mostly inaudible. 

Schizophrenia, however, creates very small chambers, allowing inner-ear communication.  An echo effect/chamber allows “beings” to communicate with you.  But they also hear themselves, within the echo of your thoughts.  This way of hearing themselves makes you an easy target for their own existence to have substance.  It can cause psychotic episodes, which are induced by an entity coming in contact with your brain.  When you respond to it, even if just listening without action, you allow it voice over your own.

Manage Thoughts Over Voices

Mental health means distinguishing good from bad voices. It means training these entities to either disperse or remain with respect.  If they are good for you, because they are good to you, you are allowed to keep them as friends.  Those with their own agenda or intent to harm must be systematically discharged from your perception.

Ritualize the System of Denial

Learning to deny entry into your listening has a number of options for mind recovery. 

  1. Identify the timber and tone, vibration or resonance of the voice.
    For example, Sondra has kept an opening reserved for God, within her inner-auditory dialogue.  She shuts out any voice that is not of the highest resonance.  While now she can afford to entertain voices other than God’s, it has taken years to master this distinction by asking as the simple question of the voice she hears.  “God is that you?” she asks.  Because all voices in the mind are filtered through the listener’s own voice, unless there is a direct ask, all voices in the head can begin to sound like God at first.  But asking it directly will force the vibration of the question to create appropriate boundaries.
  2. Learn to reduce the chamber size, in the auditory membranes.  The smaller the chamber the louder the voice.  So by reducing the chamber that contains the voice of the mighty love force, and widening the chambers of all else that is not love, you will hear only that which is the voice of love within you, to guide you through the matrix of communication you are designed to receive.
  3. Deceive the voices that are not for your benefit. A voice that intends to do harm to you or others is attempting to take control of your “vessel” – your body – not because it wants to be you, but because it wants to get rid of you.  It wants your body.  But it cannot take your body without your consent.  So deceiving it by saying things like, “There are far more interesting things for you to do than to come after me.  Go find someone else to bother.”  By stating it’s only being a nuisance and cannot win your favor, it will eventually leave because the energy it takes for this entity to convince you of its power is so exhausting that all your effort to deceive it quadruples the effort it would have to take to deceive you.



  1. This article is amazingly helpful to me personally. I don’t know how to thank you for bringing it. I love the question “Is that You God” ? I was amazed at how quickly the extraneous noises in my head became silent. When I asked the question for the second time, did I perceive a loving glow in my heart , It certainly has made my day feel a lot more peaceful. I feel more in control now and more connected to source. Thank you for this gift.

    • How cool is that, Vega! I love that it had an immediate effect on you because when I started doing it myself, years ago, it had the same effect as you describe. I thoroughly shifted my depression to finding a way out of the hole depression can cause.