Each individual part of the whole of One is a part of the way of being One. The way that God is One is also the way that each one is a one. (Chapter 1, page 5, passage from What to Do When You’re Dead)

In Part 1, we discussed One is made of many ones, and systems of ones, all working in unity.

God says: “… here’s where being shows consciousness and consciousness becomes its own oneness” with assertion of the I AM process.  “I AM is the consciousness of the One making a declaration: I AM.”

God’s first question, “What Am I?”

In part 2 God takes us further into Oneness. The nature of the being we call God is that first One. In other words, the first One that was conscious came after the question What Am I?.  More importantly this being is all of the ones thereafter.

God is a System of Ones Contained within Itself.

Just as an organism begins as a single cell, then divides over and over to make a new complete one, the being that is God is the one that is making new ones all of the time.  The evolution of all being makes up God – the One of being.

On a spiritually enlightened level, understanding Oneness is about understanding how each system of One works in unison.  They work together to make a larger system – systems on top of systems on top of systems.

These are really systems contained within the first One.  These systems of the universe, from a quantum level, work the way systems in the body work to make a whole one.

They are working in unison to formulate the being that is being made from the cells.  This works for the One as a way to forward the evolution of the Being we call God.

God is a force field that unifies all universal systems and is, in fact, each system itself.

But there is a concept of One we have not discussed, which is critical to understanding how One, in mortal man, is a system of decay (aging) as well as an enumerable system of being (countable).

In the system of spirit, there are no numbers because there is no time, no distance and no space.  These identifiable traits of numbers, space, and distance are restricted to form, because form is less definable by that which it thinks than is spirit.  Spirit is thought, but form is thought and matter formulating what appears as mass. 

If you were to dive deep into the mass of a material body (organism, rock, liquid), you would see the space between molecules.  This space is transferable.  In other words when there is only space, molecules are moved by that which exists between the spaces.

The space between molecular structures is taken-up by spirit.  Spirit lies between that which is a molecular construction.  This is how mortal man is animated by spirit.  Mortal is that which decays, spirit is that which is forever, eternal.

Spirit and matter cannot combine any more than oil and water can mix.  The water will hold the oil in suspension when shaken, but there cannot be a distribution so fine that changes occur in the molecular adherence of material.

The reason this is important to understand is that Oneness that is spirit, is the one that was before the material.  It is what material is formed within.  So this is made significant in the state of knowing one’s self as a one.  If you imagine your oneness within the body, and the body is a dying construct, then you imagine yourself as finite.

But if you imagine your oneness lies in the space between the molecules that make up the body, then you will not only imagine your forever nature, you will also see how you are One within the One that is the All of the nature of being.

© 2013 Copyright, Sondra D. Sneed

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