Godscribed, Source derived, content…

  1.  Make the conscious decision to listen to your thoughts
  2.  Listen to how often you beat yourself up
  3.  Listen to how often you betray yourself
  4.  Listen to how often you forget to love

  5.  Listen to the judgments you make

  6.  Listen to what you think you’re not good at
  7.  Listen to how you mock those who try to be their best
  8.  Listen to those you want to be like, and see what it is they are doing that you already do
  9.  Listen to the way people are talking to you in your mind
  10.  Listen to why you always use your frustration to end your state of calm

Listen to the judgements you make

Judgements aren’t what you think.  They are what you feel.  They are caused by thinking and then feeling from that thinking.

Just look at some of your worst nightmares as example of the judgements you make.

1.  I dreamed I was killed
2.  I dreamed I killed
3.  I dreamed I could kill if I wanted to

These are not considered nightmares unless they are somehow counter to how you see yourself.  If you could never, under any circumstance, ever think of yourself as killing someone, it would be a nightmare to dream you killed someone.

If, however, you were killed, and you can’t imagine being killed, not now not ever, the death by someone else’s hand in a dream, would be a nightmare.

These may seem like severe ways to discuss a common issue, the nature of judgement, but these are exactly the way judgment occurs within you.  You look at someone’s manner of dress, talk, appointment in life, and you say, ‘I could never be, do, want, or think that what they are.’

Feeling one’s Self as a member of some aspect of society different than another is only saying to yourself, “I could never”.  And in the perspective of a never, there’s a denying.

To deny one their common good is to make what is good only toward yourself.

Sondra: Today I was in judgement about transgender beauty pageants.  I saw a reference on Facebook, and as a woman I was offended by the sexist connotation.  How would you put that judgement under this microscope?

SOURCE: Well, what you ask is a fair question. When we have a feeling about something that seems off, or just flat unfair, the judgement we are making is about what we would never do.

You, Sondra, would never demonstrate your womanhood by attending some function to be paraded around and judged as a beauty.  This is something that you would never, ever do. And therefore you judge this common perception of females as sexist and rude.

Okay, I see that, but what’s the point about judgement thoughts? Why do we need to pay attention to them?

Well why don’t you answer that with a little question, from me? What is the color of pale?

All I can think of is pale face. Is that what you are after?

No. We are after the color of pale.


Yes. Pale is the color of white.  Now what is the color of dark?


Yes. Do these two things truly exist?

Do “pale” and “dark” exist?


Well, no, not in and of themselves, they are just a way of describing something that exists.

Right! So what is the difference between that and judgements?

Well I guess judgments are about the feeling attached to the descriptions.

Right. That’s all judgement is, the feeling attached to a description.

So are you saying that if we detach from feeling about things we observe, and not associate someone’s identifiers with our own, then we are freeing ourselves from judgement?

No. What we are indicating is simply that if you wish to free yourself of Self-judgment, you simply disregard the other person entirely.

Here, let’s show you…

You and I are the same thing when it comes to the way we express ourselves through you. We are similar in our natures and in our ways. The only difference between us is we know the end to every beginning.

So since we know the end, nothing remains as it is in the moment of a judgement. So there’s no way to make an emotional bond to any state of being. All that another is, you may one day become, or have been. So there’s no state of judgement to make.


  1. I like this topic in Alcoholics Anonymous we called this taking someone’s inventory. I am very good at doing this; i judge people by if they support trump, racism, watch fox news..etc etc..the other day i judged someone on my facebook news feed and deleted her from friends list because of a comment i did not like. Now to look at the judgment of her is based on my feeling behind her comment ? Or i judge myself for not being able to make confident to stop judging others is to stop judging self?

    • You made that judgement based on what you would never do. You would never attack a race or attack people in the same way that this person has attacked what you are attached to. Since this is what you would not do, you think that what they do is not for you. That’s the only judgement.