Be what you are designing (action),
Instead of what you wish (no action)”

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  1.  Make the conscious decision to listen to your thoughts
  2.  Listen to how often you beat yourself up
  3.  Listen to how often you betray yourself

  4.  Listen to how often you forget to love

  5.  Listen to the judgments you make
  6.  Listen to what you think you’re not good at
  7.  Listen to how you mock those who try to be their best
  8.  Listen to those you want to be like, and see what it is they are doing that you already do
  9.  Listen to the way people are talking to you in your mind
  10.  Listen to why you always use your frustration to end your state of calm

Forgetting love is easy to do when your mood has no interest in love. But we can change a mood simply by remembering the forgetting of love has occurred.

To Illustrate:
When you’re on the beach, there are moments you can forget the ocean.  There are other things on the beach that can make you forget the waves. If you forget the waves for a moment, you can easily find them again when you allow the crashing sound to cause you to move your attention back to the waves.

Same is true about love.

You can be with someone you love, and for a moment, forget that right next to them is an ocean of love. 

This love ocean is ever-present, just like the ocean on a beach.  It never stops waving and it never stops breathing. If you think you are without love, you’ve simply forgotten, because it is impossible to be without love.

1.  He isn’t who I thought he was
2.  She’s not as pretty as she once was
3.  She makes me feel as if there are no other places left to enjoy in the world
4.  He makes me feel as if I don’t matter
5.  He makes me feel that the world is unimportant compared to him
6.  She makes me feel as if my anger is at the world every day
7   They preach what they cannot abide by
8.  They don’t know what God is in their belief system
9.  They don’t care about anyone else but themselves
10. I’m tired of dealing with these looney people
11. Everyone around me is stupid
12. They aren’t the kind of people I like to be around
13. They are just too much, too fat, too skinny, too poor, too snooty, too uncaring…
14. I don’t know why I have to keep dealing with this guy
15. I don’t care what happened to her
16. I don’t care what happened to him
17. There are no reasons for me to enjoy my life anymore
18. I am bored with whom I’ve become
19. I am unhappy with the way things are
20. I don’t care what the future holds

Many of these thoughts may seem harmless.  But they aren’t at all.  Whenever you forget what love is, these are the kind of thoughts that invade your space, your calm, and your reward system.


Rearranging the thought into a pattern of acceptance is the easiest way to remember love. But the trick is to catch the thoughts when they occur.  Maintaining your sense of peace and analyzing when it has slipped away, can trail your thoughts to the repeating ones, which cause you to falter from calm.

1 . Everyone around me is stupid
Rearranged: Everyone knows, stupid is as stupid does
2 . She makes me feel as if my anger is at the world, every day
Rearranged: The world looks dim when I don’t know my way around my own feelings.
3 . He makes me feel my world is unimportant compared to his
Rearranged:  I have to see myself worthy more so his world doesn’t overcome mine
4 .  I don’t care what happened to him
Rearranged:  It’s none of my business how he got that way, it’s just my business how he treats me

CONTRIBUTE to the conversation here. Rearrange one of the thoughts above.
Let’s see how you do.

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  1. I chose “I am unhappy with the way things are” this is hard thought provoking. I even read the question God had for you and I arranged it to be “How do I feel when I’m happy” or “how do I feel knowing God loves me” I feel tingly and strong and confident inside and outside. Rearrange: I know God loves me that helps me be greatful and strong. Strong enough to find out what would makes me happy and not give up.

    • I must’ve missed this one, Mary.

      >> I would suggest you get more specific about your unhappiness. When you know exactly what the things are that are affecting your sense of joy, you can focus on making changes. But if you are generally unhappy, it’s a problem you have with what happiness is.

      Happiness does not insist everything go smoothly
      – it looks for the smoothness in the things that are rough.
      Happiness does not need anyone else
      – it looks to itself to find a sense of peace
      Happiness does not need to feel happy, to be happy
      – it looks for ways to express happy, rather than ways to get happy.
      Happiness is not the way you feel,
      – it is the way you behave and act toward every situation and every person you come across. Happiness is always looking for ways to be,
      – not ways to get.

      • This comes at an appropriate time today….I also have forgotten this question. Re reading this answer i need to do.. 🙂
        thank you

  2. This is a challenge as I also do not really think in one-liners like this – a great practice however. So, I chose “I am unhappy with the way things are.” Rearranged to “I am grateful for all that I have and all that is coming into my life; and I am thankful for this opportunity today that enables me to recognize the open doors and to stop going back to the closed doors.

    • Bobbi, that is a perfect reconstruction. There’s nothing to correct in that! Good job, gold star!

  3. This is a great way to become more aware of what you are thinking a lot of the time! Here’s the one: “HE MAKES ME FEEL AS IF I DON’T MATTER.” There’s a saying, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” Rearranged: What’s important is not how other people make me feel, but how I feel about myself. As I have the knowing of my own worthiness and love myself, I know always that I matter.

    • Lisa, “I know always that I matter,” is a brilliant mantra one can say whenever anyone causes in us an insecurity about our selves. Gold star!

  4. You could write a fabulous workbook alone on thoughts that take us away from Love. Anyway I picked three of them that at first were not even noticed as having the effect of taking me away from Love. I’m picking the last one to address. I usually don’t have one single thought to re-arrange an explanation. So here goes. “I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM” I’d be having this conversation in my head. “What is amazing to me are all the thoughts/beliefs/distortions he has that creates his behavior. He possibly has no positive frame of reference to draw from. But for me, I cannot allow his treatment of me to go unnoticed or unchecked. I would be thinking how much this poor guy is missing out on. When is he going to get it. Good thing God is patient.”
    Sondra all of the thoughts are very thought provoking. As long as I notice them I have the ability to come up with a personal response that keeps me taking responsibly for those thoughts . When that happens I can stay in LOVE. The trick is to notice the thought that unhinges me from that LOVE.
    You really got me going with this last set of thoughts.

    • Hello my lovely, Vega, you’re right, this would make a great workbook. Even I, after all these years of God communication, therefor a constant availablity to take the right mind, I’ll sometimes forget to really listen to what my brain makes of any situation.

      Just today I noticed thoughts that were making my body respond in weariness and heaviness. When I listened, God said, “how would you feel if you were inspired?” Suddenly I mimicked that feeling in my body and my back straightened, the thoughts turned off, and I began moving about in a completely different manner.

      But then the thoughts would creep back in, almost all day. God would remind, “what does it feel like to be inspired instead of tired.” xo, Sondra