: a channeled message for slackers, procrastinators, and sloths (like me).

Making Waves in the Life You Are Pursuing

There is only one word that gets the body motivated to perform and that is the word GO. 

the will is a natural action
When you decide, Go means GO!

No other word in the English language works better than GO. For centuries, people have used the cry “GO!” to push forward whatever is in the way.

But what if you have two choices, and neither option stands out as the right or wrong choice?

Then the word GO won’t work. So, the next most motivating word is DECIDE.

When triggered from a decision, the word GO can motivate even the smallest urges.

That’s why the best way to generate momentum is to make two options for every action. Those opportunities don’t have to be related to the decision, either. They’re merely a way to motivate the mind to make a choice.

Your decisions alter every course toward the power to decide.

And yet, power is not a force. Power is a derivative of a force.

The force of will gives the ability to decide. This kind of will does not mean willpower, which means ‘to overcome a desire.’

Instead, Will is a natural force.  Will moves without thinking, and stirs without action put upon it. Will, like a sail in the wind, moves in DECISION.

And the decision that is wind, is also unconscious.

Even when you think you made a conscious choice between two options, it’s the will that decides what you’re going to do.

Let’s take the cat in the above picture as an example. Kitty awoke knowing what she was going to do today. She positioned herself on a perch for a better view of the field-mice below. When she sees the one she wants, she doesn’t ponder her choices.

Kitty makes her choice the minute she sees a mouse run and then flies to trap it with her grasping claws. What you might call instinct, Spirit calls the force of will. She decided the goal. Her will was activated, to perch and then pounce. No thought was thunk whatsoever.

To motivate the will, to move in the direction of your decision, is to ask: “What is the best thing to do right now?”

Not later, not when you’re ready, but right now.

Within your makeup is the natural propensity to obey the now.

Yielding to the now is in your genetic structure for survival. If you align the goal to the now, the will does the rest without thinking.

The will cannot do anything about the future.  It stands and waits for that future, immobilizing you from your desire. Therefore, the goals of the day ought not project out beyond the day.

So, for every two choices you put together, to make a decision, make sure they are in the NOW.


Each item on a to-do list asks: “What’s next?”

As you scan your to-do list, your body automatically knows what time it is. The body responds thusly, “It is time to do ‘this’ now.”

Whatever ‘this’ is, you move to act in a natural manner. (Providing you keep them succinct and actionable. Such as ‘edit chapter 1’, not ‘work on the book.’)

Every week you benefit from a list. But, if you make a list in four categories: work; home; errands; and correspondence, you begin to account for every activity you are prepared to perform.

Without those lists, it’s challenging to decide what’s next.

But in every “What’s Next?” you’ll find the word GO!

Hey, this is Sondra here. This message came from Source, during one of my journaling sessions.

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Sondra Dee Sneed, Godscribe

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